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  • Name: What are the common faults of the chiller's cut-off foot and adjustment pavilion?

1. The leakage valve body of the valve of the chiller unit is mostly a steel casting. During the production process, casting sand holes may be formed, causing the valve to leak refrigerant during use.
2. The sprue of valve stem is too tight on the grave of the valve, and the lack of lubrication forms dry rubbing; the tool used to open and close the door is improper and excessive force is exerted; the refrigerator at the valve stem is too thick; the valve stem is gradually worn after long-term use. , bending or even breaking. The packing material was worn out and leaked.
3. The valve core of the freezer valve falls off due to the damage of the yellow card on the valve plug, which causes the valve plug to disengage from the valve stem, and Zhou Xin loses control. The valve has failed to open and close normally.
4, valve seat and spool damage system in the welding fish, iron and sand and other debris than in the refrigeration system when the sewage did not clear the net. Accumulation of the valve seat in the bracing. When the valve is opened and closed, the sealing surface of the valve and the alloy on the valve seat is embedded or squeezed due to debris, resulting in spots and scars. The interior of the valve is mud-filled, the seal is lost, the force is too great during the operation, or the tool of the on-off valve is too large. The alloy on the valve core is pressed into a deep recess, so the lax close is not achieved. As the sealing surface is affected by the high temperature, the hardness of the bearing alloy on the valve core is reduced, and the wear loses the sealing effect.
The reasons for the small water system flow are as follows:
1, the resistance of the entire water system is too large (the pipeline is too long, the diameter of the pipe is too thin, and the diameter of the PPR pipe for hot-melt welding is reduced), which exceeds the pump lift.
2, water filter plugging; valve valve opening degree; water system exhaust air is not clean, automatic exhaust valve is bad, flow switch problem.
3, the expansion tank connected to the return pipe is not good (it is not high enough, not the highest point of the system or the water pipe diameter is too thin).
4. When multiple parallel groups are connected, the flow of water flowing through each chiller is unevenly distributed and does not match the cooling capacity of a single unit; or the check valve of each unit outlet is not installed.
5. When the total water storage capacity of the water system piping is small, a storage tank can be placed at the return pipe of the host. When the load is relatively small, the number of start and stop of the unit can be reduced to achieve the energy saving effect.


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